Is the postage stamp licked?

Life and times of the British postage stamp:
1840 The Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive stamp, is issued for use on May 6 following a Government reform paper which suggested postage should be prepaid by the sender. A Two Penny Blue is also issued. Both feature Queen Victoria’s head.
1854 Perforations appear on stamps for the first time. Until this point, they had to be cut from their sheet with scissors.
1924 The first UK commemorative stamp is issued, marking the opening of the British Empire Exhibition.
1966 Special Christmas stamps are issued for the first time. The Royal Mail now prints more than 480 million festive stamps per year.
1968 First and Second Class postage Is introduced.
1982 Royal Mail produces its longest ever stamp – the Information Technology stamp, which measures 72.3mm.
2001 The Cats and Dogs collection become the first self-adhesive stamps issued in the UK.
2006 Online scheme allows Royal Mail customers to pay for postage on the web, without the need to buy traditional stamps.The Queen’s head does not appear on the new barcode ‘stamps’. More information here.