The art of the Christmas letter

Some people are somewhat cynical about the idea of a Christmas letter, but I’ve sent out one each year since 1979 [see this year’s letter here] since we have so many friends around the UK and throughout the world that we are in touch with much less often than we would like and they appear to appreciate hearing our news for the past 12 months.
In turn, I love receiving Christmas letters and, so far this year, we’ve had 13. Sometimes there is sad news to report, but mostly it’s stories of people making the most of their lives. One letter this year comes from a woman in her late 70s, whom we met on a trip to Uzbekistan [my account here], who tells us that she’s now writing a tourist guide to the Sichuan part of China.
We only have one life – so let’s live it to the full and share that joy with others.

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