Our new roof (6)

When I did my first posting on our new roof, I said that I’d been told that it would take three-four weeks. Six weeks later, the scaffolding was finally removed this morning – just in time for Christmas.
The roofers that Derek (Vee’s brother-in-law) appointed did a first class job and then went on to help replace all the gutters, fascias and soffits so the whole place is watertight. The property has a converted loft and so Vee and Derek undertook the insulation of the loft areas that remained, stuffing fibre glass into the sections of the loft that the roofers had not dealt with.
The whole thing has cost an absolute fortune, so no foreign holidays next year, no cinema visits for a month, and no mince pies this Christmas. Well, we’ll see …


  • David Rowe

    Sorry to hear that the work cost a fortune. By the way, I heard that my father was having a look around the Mercedes garage this weekend! Coincidence….

  • Mavis Smith

    Well done.
    Kitchen completed except for small part of floor.
    They stopped making the wood tiles we have all over the ground floor. So in the New Year – up come wood tiles from under the carpet (only bit downstairs) and they will be re-stuck. Then a sander – grrrrrrr.
    Have a water tight Christmas and I bet there will be mince pies. I only like the ones with no lids on – just with a spot of white water icing.

  • Roger Darlington

    You’re right, Mavis – there were mince pies. Yummy.


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