Word of the day: refulgent

As recorded in my previous posting, I attended a classical concert this weekend. Now the programme notes for Bruckner’s Symphony No 4 concluded with a sentence containing a word with which I was unfamiliar:

“The final coda is one of the most awesome of all symphonic perorations, crowned by the same majestic horn call that first opened the work, exultantly crying out over the orchestra’s surgingly refulgent textures.” 

The word that was new to me was ‘refulgent’. According to the web site Answers.com, it means ‘shining radiantly; resplendent’. So now we know. See if you can work the word into your conversation this week…


  • Roger Darlington

    So – did you succeed?

  • Nick

    I suppose the sentence, “Word of the day on Roger Darlington’s NightHawk blog today is ‘refulgent’.” doesn’t count? 😉
    The Shorter OED quotes Dickens: “Bestowing upon the locksmith a most refulgent smile, he left them.” A little googling shows this is from Barnaby Rudge.


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