New Year’s Eve with Catrin

This afternoon, Vee and I at last caught up with Rich, Emily & Catrin who have been visiting various relatives over the festive season.

Catrin will be two in less than three weeks, but meanwhile opened still more Christmas presents before we all went to Gabriel’s Wharf on London’s South Bank for lunch at a pizza place. Catrin insisted on walking and on splashing in every puddle.

As always, she was an absolute delight.

One Comment

  • Trish Hughes

    Lovely photos Roger, these precious moments are there forever, I hope you and Vera had a great Christmas and all the best for 2013. Gavin and I have just returned from a 14 day cruise to NZ, we were away over Christmas it was lovely. I bet you are both looking for to your holiday I do hope the weather improves before you come over. Would love a copy of your itinerary, if there is a possibility of catching up with you both that would be great, do understand if you would rather spend your time sightseeing, even if it is for a drink or dinner one evening if you are in our part of Brissy or the Gold Coast, anyway have a great time, travel safe and looking forward to your wonderful coverage of your holiday. love Trish xo


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