Travelling around

This morning, I left the house at 5.30 am and I was not back until 9 pm. This 15 and a half hour day was occasioned by a trip from my home in London to the offices of the Scottish Consumer Council in Glasgow for a series of interviews to appoint the Scottish Director of Consumer Focus – the organisation that, on 1 October, will take over from Postwatch, Energywatch and the National Consumer Council.
It was the first time that I’ve used the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport – a huge, gleaming affair. I only had hand luggage but I was assured that the baggage handling problems of the first couple of months have now been resolved.
Since I became a portfolio worker – largely serving on consumer bodies – some six years ago, almost all my meetings and events take place in London. But the last couple of months have been different. My work has taken me to Oxford, Nottingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lisbon.
I’ll be visiting relatives in Leicester this weekend and then, in two weeks time, I’ll be on holiday in the Baltic States visiting Talinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), and Vilnius (Lithuania).


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