Can Gordon Brown survive?

The fall and fall of Gordon Brown continues … The scale of the decline is well described in Andrew Rawnsley’s column for the “Observer”.
It is a slow-motion tragedy that has unfolded over a year now with the end seemingly not far from sight. It is a tragedy because this is a throughly decent and incredibly hardworking man who has not done anything spectacularly wrong, but whose undoubted skills belong much more to a different time (economic stability rather than worldwide recession) and a different place (the strategic role of the Treasury rather than the issue-a-minute challenge of No 10).
There is no easy or obvious ‘saviour’ for the Labour Government. I think this is too soon for David Milliband to assume the helm. The best communicator in the Cabinet is my former CWU boss Alan Johnson. I voted for him as Deputy Leader and, right now, I’d vote for him as Leader.

One Comment

  • Mavis Smith

    I place the blame, full square on the press and media, who have conducted a witch hunt since day one.
    Do not get me wrong, I neither liked or voted for either Blair or Brown. (not my type of Socialists – being Old Style Labour).
    But I am fed up with the media trying to run the country.
    Comment, comment, comment and what they think – not hard news.


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