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Note: I've been very fortunate - I'm retired now and I never had a period of unemployment, But many relatives and friends of mine have experienced unemployment, this situations seems to be affecting more people more often, and so I sought advice from a friend who knows what unemployment is like.
Being unemployed at a time when you need to work and believe you have much to offer is a very difficult and increasingly common experience. If you are used to being active and valued, and if you expect to be moving forward in your life and developing new skills, then suddenly finding yourself out in the cold and going nowhere is confusing and distressing. You will have to deal with some very uncomfortable, persistent and perhaps unfamiliar feelings as the rest of the world carries on, busy and indifferent, without you. Unemployment can seriously affect your confidence, health and relationships.

I have experienced two periods of long-term unemployment in mid-life, and have learnt a lot about how to cope. Essentially my advice is to vary your activities and to plan them week-by-week. Here are some of my recommendations:

Last modified on 23 January 2011

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